How to Apply

There are two steps in applying to the Summit Program.
  1. Register on-line between October 27th and November 9th for the Mini-School Entrance Exam which will be written on Tuesday, November 21st. 
  2. Complete and submit the  Summit Application Form to the Van Tech Office by Thursday, December 21st. 

Acceptance is based on the following criteria:
  • Test scores on the Mini-School Entrance Exam
  • A’s in Math and Science courses taken in Grade 6 and the first term of Grade 7
  • B-minimum on all other core subject areas 
  • Participation and excellence in extracurricular clubs, music, or sports teams
  • Evidence of active participation in Physical Education classes as some of our field trips are physically demanding
  • The student must show willingness for group involvement and interaction.
  • The student must show willingness to participate in the community outside of Vancouver Technical Secondary.

Timeline for Application & Acceptance:
  • October 27 - November 9: Online application and registration for the DSAP Exam.
  • Tuesday, November 21st: DSAP Exam
  • Thursday, December 21st: Deadline for submission of Summit Application to Van Tech
  • Tuesday, February 20th: Successful applicants will be offered acceptance by email only
  • Thursday, February 22nd: Deadline for first-round offers to be accepted. 
  • Thursday, March 1st: Second round acceptance offers will be made (if necessary)
  • Friday, March 2nd: Deadline for second round offers to be accepted.