Activities & Trips

Summit Camp

Students in this program will also participate in the annual Summit Camp trip in early October, where they will spend three-days and two nights together at Timberline Ranch. Within this short period of time, they will take part in multiple activities, most of which is self-organized by the students. The trip allows Summit students to work towards building their teamwork skills and creating strong bonds with students from the other grades.

Grade 10 Trip

Students in their last year of Summit will also partake on a five-day trip, which they will come up with ideas to fundraise for.

The Summit 10's recently returned from their year-end trip at the Flying-U Ranch. This trip consisted of team-bonding, survival training, horseman-ship, as well as  horseback riding.

Duke of Edinburgh Program

Summit students are also given the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Program, where they will achieve their Bronze Award by the end of grade 9. It is required that students complete at least the Bronze level of the program and may wish to continue into the Silver and Gold levels. Each level involves 4 main components - Service, Physical Activity, Skill, and an Expedition Journey (also includes a practice trip).