Why Join Summit?

Summit is a three-year program offered to students in grade 8 through 10 who are academically gifted and motivated. Students are given academic and non-academic challenges to encourage the flourishing of their innermost talents. Throughout the duration of the program, they will be involved in service projects, cross-grade studies, and as well as an enriched and accelerated academic program. They will work through an accelerated Science program which includes a science fair project in all three years of the program and will take the Science 10 provincial exam at the end of grade 9, then study Chemistry 11 in grade 10. It is also possible for them to accelerate their Math if they have an appropriate skill level. Its goals are high academic achievement, community service, the attainment of the bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and a demonstrable involvement in the wider school community.

The program is designed to meet the needs of students who demonstrate:
  • high academic potential
  • communication, artistic, and leadership skills
  • compatibility with and consideration of others
  • adaptability and emotional stability
  • involvement within school activities
  • creative and/or higher level thinking skills