Monday, February 2, 2015

Student Statement

Do you enjoy challenges? Well if you do, we can assure that you will love the Summit program. Summit is an enriched program, featuring Math and Science. Each year from Grade 8-10 you get the opportunity to expand your knowledge by learning a year above your grade level! Along with learning, you are given numerous opportunities to bond with your classmates. Aside from being with them every Day 2, you and your friends get to go to Timberline Ranch, possibly Washington in grade 9 and Flying U in grade 10. Every year the grade 8's get to have a Hobbit Banquet. Throughout Summit, you are also given the chance to receive the "Duke of Edinburgh" award. This award goes to the students who show tremendous amounts of leadership both at school and in their community. Don't hesitate, we are as positive as a proton, that you will enjoy Summit.